Harmony Farm Rice Lake

Equineimity Empowerment Skills Development Programs for People with Neurological Ailments  -  Bailieboro, Ontario, Canada

Harmony Farm Rice Lake

Equineimity Empowerment Skills Development Programs for People with Neurological Ailments  -  Bailieboro, Ontario, Canada


Harmony Farm Rice Lake 

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Improving the lives of people with neurological ailments through Skills Development Programs

Equineimity Empowerment Programs

Programs that help you with your neurological ailment

Harmony Farm Rice Lake

Marley Peruvian Paso and Krystyna

Harmony Farm Rice Lake

Marley Peruvian Paso and Krystyna

Harmony Farm Rice Lake

Marley Peruvian Paso and Krystyna

Harmony Farm Rice Lake

Miniature horses, Snowy, Ginger and Mack

Marley at Harmony Farm Rice Lake

Marley Peruvian Paso

Please note a lot of the amazing photographs on this website were taken by Alana Lee of Alana Lee Photography in Ontario. She is highly skilled and amazing to work with.

Photography by Alana Lee

Equineimity Empowerment Skills Development Programs

Empowerment and Skills Development Programs: Equine Assisted Learning through the use of horses. No riding just a warm furry body moving beside you, encouraging you to take the next step to change your life and fulfill your needs.

We are all about life skills and good health. That is why we have set up special programs for those that face neurological challenges in life. We want to make your life better. Through our programs you will feel you can cope better with your illness, have more social contacts, communicate better, have more skills to help balance your mental and physical being. Let us take you on a holistic journey to get you on the path to where you want to go.

Our programs will guide you to your goals and leave you with life skills that will enable you to self direct yourself.

Empower yourself today and join one of our 8 or 12 week programs. Payments can be made in full or through a payment plan.

Ladies, try two full days of our highly beneficial Authentic You Women's Workshops. Bring a friend to share in the creativity and skills development journey, they will come out feeling great too. 

The EAL Network


As an affiliate, I would like to introduce you to several excellent courses hosted by Equine Connection.

I highly recommend them as I have personally taken them and found them highly beneficial to myself and my business.

Two Weeks of Empowerment

Business with Horses 101

Awesome Online Theory



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Authentic You Women's Retreat CANCELLED

June 12, 13 and 14, 2020

In association with Saffron Equine Centre, Facilitator, Lisa Davey, RN

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Harmonious Equine Assisted Learning

Equineimity Empowerment Programs



Harmony Farm Rice Lake was established in April 1996. We were one of many that had the dream of moving from the city to a hundred acre farm.

Diversity, although not financially sound was what we wanted. Many breeds, many experiences. Our life events became children's stories, which have been enjoyed by many. Check out Egg Hunt at Harmony Farm available at Smashwords along with Something Peculiar at Harmony Farm by Krystyna Faroe.

Today we are part of an umbrella corporation called Equine Connection. Through their accreditation we use tried and tested programs formulated from 5 years of study at three universities. These programs work to empower people in skills development and life skills.


Equineimity: Restore Recreate Revitalize REALYou-Equine Assisted Learning Health

Expand your Mind Work with a Horse

Our Equineimity Empowerment Programs

We are very excited about our Equineimity Programs. We know personally how horses can help us physically and emotionally. Krystyna is qualified in Reiki, Animal Reiki, Animal
Communication as well as Intuitive Development, certified in Overview and Management of Parkinson's disease and is a certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. She is also working towards certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Our horses are your teachers as we facilitate helping you reach your goals and achievements. You will be guided toward empowerment whilst tackling our fun challenges.

Outside of Harmony Farm Rice Lake Krystyna works in the health field.

You will love our Equineimity Empowerment Skills Development Programs and our Harmonious Horses.

Thank you!

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Hope to see you soon!